Observations:  Of the space that surrounds us


The Extended Version

I’m intrigued by the forms that define the urban array. How structures, both physical and geographical, sometimes emotional, can set the rhythms of society. I often find myself observing the intersects and overlaps of a city to create visual stories that capture the marks that remain and the marks we choose to cover up.

My intention is to express the emotional impact of our surroundings acknowledging the pull and push our society has on us as it remains constantly in flux, always developing with or with out permission.  

I want to challenge the viewer to find their own level of interaction with each painting. Each viewer, becomes an observer of a specific path – journeying through the intersects, overlaps and the complexity of the visual palette. The opportunity is for the viewer to create their own story of a person’s path to share an emotional or intellectual connection around what we all experience in life.

Through the work, I hope to express my personal excitement to find visual expressions of our culture and the planned or unplanned rhythm it brings to peoples lives. Because is it our society that imprints us or do we imprint our society?